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About Makreo

About Us

“We Unleash The Highest Potential Of Your Brand”

Makreo is a Market research and consulting firm working closely with business conglomerates worldwide to help them in many aspects of driving their business growth and assist in making wise decisions with the help of our qualitative & quantitative market insights.
Makreo is specialised in infusing life to the business to rise with highest octave with the available resources. Geography is not our limitation; we have extended network of channel partners in many parts of the world that is extending with every new study. Our vast scope of services assists clients in planning future growth strategies, not only in the specified industry, but also in the areas where strategic planning is needed for the consistent success.

Makreo Research has Two Arms:

Makreo iResearch
This arm facilitates our clients to experience vast coverage of research reports available on our Report Store that we update on monthly basis. Our repository of Syndicated Research reports is comprised of vast number of Industries and its sub-sectors that offer actionable insights across entire value chain of an industry.
Our extensive coverage along with our proprietary analytical tool makes our methodology more vigorous. Vital part of our Syndicated Research division is focused reports on developing markets. Our syndicated studies are helping companies worldwide in the present scenario when the competition is getting stiff and businesses are looking for low investment but high return business models.
Makreo Consulting
We work closely with clients to provide solutions on specific objectives; This arm facilitates clients in tailor made reports, consulting projects and field surveys
Our Tailor-made solutions are beneficial for the clients who are looking for more specific niche insights on the industry. Tailor made reports facilitate the clients in order to have a direct one-on-one interaction with our team.

Uncover Reliable Business Insights

Makreo research capabilities are in the research approach that has been formed with the support of strong team that carries decades of experience in adopting most rigorous channels to solve business problems. Research process is beyond assembling market facts, we are recognized to uncover the true cause & effect of market events, transform the insights to build strategies and facilitate business beyond serving research studies.
Geographic Coverage
Country Analysis
Regional Analysis
Global Analysis
In the extremely aggressive era, it is vital to keep a check on the market fluxes to study complex business environments therefore Makreo research keep a regular check over the changing Macro Economic factors around the globe. We have range of research reports from Automotive industry to Healthcare, Food and beverages, Machinery, Entertainment, BFSI, Education, Retail, Logistics and Warehousing, Agriculture, Energy and many others.
Our research facilitates clients in following areas:

Formulate market entry strategy

Identify demand-supply gap

Product introduction and development

Competition Assessment

Consumer Behaviour Assessment

Prepare future action plan

  • - Formulate market entry strategy
  • - Identify demand-supply gap
  • - Product introduction and development
  • - Competition Assessment
  • - Consumer Behaviour Assessment
  • - Prepare future action plan

What We Do

Market Assessment

Business Opportunities

Product Expansion

Penetration in a Novel Market

Resolving Critical Business Problems

Unwrapping the Future Prospects


Our Core Capabilities


Why Choose Makreo

Multi-Dimensional Approach

Access insights that follow three-steps of validation process and multi-dimensional data collection. We have internal team of experts having knowledge in diverse industries and access to more than 1500 external experts in our research panel. They simplify our study that is backed by robust research methodology.
Data synthesis is performed on various models based on study:
  • Cluster Model
  • Real time data
  • Time Series
  • Bivariate and Multivariate
  • Decision Tree and more…

360 Industry Coverage and Multidimensional Approach

Discover groundbreaking methods to assess the collected information. Our 360 degree industry coverage and unique methodology assist our client in business expansion strategies.
Data synthesis is performed on various models based on study:
  • Bivariate & Multivariate Model
  • Decision Tree
  • Time Series
  • Scenario Analysis

Unparalleled Knowledge

Experience the finest industry experts working for your business and dedicated team of analyst. Our experts carry more than 20 years of experience in their respective industry that ensures reliable and accurate assessment practice.

Our Global Reach

We strive to serve our clients worldwide with the help of our affiliate channel partners. It is important to know the industry in a particular geography hence we have our network expansion in almost all over the globe to deliver true facts and eliminate the limitation of accessibility.
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