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    Makreo FAQs
  • Where is Makreo Research Located?
    Head office of the company is in Mumbai (Navi Mumbai), please refer to address details in Contact US page.
  • What all industries Makreo serve?
    We work on large number of industries including FMCG and Retail, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, BFSI, Electronics and Electricals, Automobile, Agriculture, Construction and Machinery, IT and Services.
    For further information about Makreo, please visit our Services page.
  • How to contact Makreo?
    Write us at
    Contact Number: +91-9619699069
    Chat: Need a quick response to your query, write us on chat window.
  • Product FAQs
  • How to browse a research report?
    On Search tab, that is placed on the top corner of the homepage write your keyword and run a quick search. For Industry specific visit “Report Store” page to review our collection of reports.
  • How to place request for sample report?
    For both Syndicated and Customized reports samples are available which can be obtained through following channel:
    • - Request Free Sample tab is available on the Report Description page, please follow the instructions and submit the form.
    • - Contact US: Submit the required detail with your query.
    • - Chat: You can contact our live support team to place the request.
  • What is the format of Research Report?
    Research reports are available in PPT converted PDF format.
  • Order FAQs
  • What is the Delivery period?
    Syndicated Reports: For the reports available in our library, we dispatch the report within 12-24 hours.
    Consulting Projects and Surveys: Timeline is shared with the client before commencement of the project.
  • What are the License Types?
    Single User: This License Type allows one user to access the report. The license type restrict printing and copying the content.
    Corporate User: This license authorizes multiple users in the same organization, regardless of their geographical presence. Also, the license allows users to print the report if needed.
  • How to Order?
    Place your request by filling up the form available on contact us page or directly write us at Our team will instantly get in touch to share costing details and details for NEFT.
  • Why NEFT/Wire transfer and not Payment Portal?
    We want our clients to feel safe when dealing with us for the first time and this mode is free from any cyber-attack.
    For domestic/Indian client’s payment can be processed by cheque.
  • How to obtain invoice for my recent transaction?
    Once payment is made a copy of the invoice will be shared over your registered Email ID.
  • Can I buy a section of the report?
    Yes, we slice sections of the reports based on the client need. For more details, please get in touch with us “Contact Us”
  • Is there any Tax applicable?
    For domestic/Indian clients 18% GST will be levied.
    For Overseas clients no tax implication.